We regret to inform you we recently made the difficult decision to discontinue the Millstone brand due to low consumer demand and limited retail distribution of the products.

While we are continually reviewing our product offerings to best meet the needs of our consumers, this discontinuation is a long-term decision.

Limited amounts of product will be available for purchase on our Online Store while supplies last. You may also be able to find Millstone at select retailers until inventory has run out.

We appreciate your loyal support for the Millstone brand.

Because Craftsmanship Takes Time

Slow-Roasted Coffee. A Cup Above the Rest.

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When handcrafted perfection is your passion, time becomes your tool. Time enables you to hone and refine, to master your art. It allows sight, smell, touch, and taste to become instruments of artistry. This is how we craft every Millstone® Arabica bean. No rushing, no compromising. Just the warm embrace of time, slow-roasting each bean to its unique peak of flavor. All so you can craft—and taste—a cup above the rest.

 A Perfect Bean, From the Ground Up

That distinctive Millstone® flavor begins in the world’s lushest, most fertile coffee estates. There, our Arabica beans are nurtured in a perfect mix of climate, rainfall, temperature, and elevation, then handpicked to ensure peak flavor.

The roasting process is what allows the beans to release their essential coffee oils.

Better Roasting
Through Instinct

It takes more than technology to craft the perfect bean. The real secret lies in the instincts and experience of our master roasters. Every day, they summon their refined human senses to evaluate every last detail of the beans’ color, aroma, texture, and taste. This, combined with their insistence on precise roasting times, is what makes all the difference.

Blending: The Matchmaking of Flavors

Blending is where art intersects with science. Because crafting balanced, flavorful coffee is a delicate process—one that not only depends on our master roasters’ expert knowledge of the Arabica beans’ flavor characteristics, but also on how to weave them together in ways that create the most exceptional blends.

Cupping for a Perfect Cup

Cupping, or coffee tasting, is the special technique our master roasters use to evaluate a coffee’s unique flavor profile. And it takes an experienced palate—up to four years of training, in fact—to pick up on the subtle attributes of each blend.

Handpicking, slow-roasting, blending, and refining—this is how we craft Millstone® Coffee. It’s a purposefully unhurried process, and worth every painstaking minute of time. Why? Because it helps us get closer to crafting the perfect coffee, and enables you to craft a cup above the rest at home.