The Basic Cup


  • Use 1 rounded tablespoon (adjust based on your taste preference) of whole-bean or ground Millstone® Coffee per 6-fl. oz. cup. If your coffee is in whole-bean form, grind the coffee according to the type of coffeemaker to be used in preparation.

    Brewing Machine Flavor Produced After Brewing
    Grinder Setting
    In-Store Home*
    Manual Drip Consistently rich, bright
    Fine 20-25 sec.
    Plunger Pot/French Press Heavy, densely flavored
    Coarse 5-10 sec.
    Espresso Machine Potent, heavy-bodied coffee perfect for espresso drinks
    Fine 25-30 sec.
    Automatic Drip (Cone-Shaped Filter) Clean and bright with body
    Fine 20-25 sec.
    Automatic Drip (Flat-Bottomed Filter) Clean and bright with body
    Medium-Coarse 10-15 sec.

    * Times are for Burr Grinder. If you are using a Chopper Grinder, reduce time by seven seconds.


For best brewing results, follow your coffeemaker's brewing instructions and use fresh, cold tap water or distilled water. Once your coffee has brewed, remove it from the heat and serve it immediately or store in a thermal carafe so you can optimize your coffee's peak flavor. Relax and enjoy your perfect cup of coffee.

The Basic Cup