We regret to inform you we recently made the difficult decision to discontinue the Millstone brand due to low consumer demand and limited retail distribution of the products.

While we are continually reviewing our product offerings to best meet the needs of our consumers, this discontinuation is a long-term decision.

Limited amounts of product will be available for purchase on our Online Store while supplies last. You may also be able to find Millstone at select retailers until inventory has run out.

We appreciate your loyal support for the Millstone brand.


Crafted, not rushed.

Millstone® flavors aren't simply “flavored.” Rather, each one is slowly handcrafted by our Millstone master roasters, with a passion that borders on obsession. It's why you'll always find these coffee artists evaluating and grinding, slow roasting, and coaxing the Arabica beans' flavors until they offer just the right notes and aromas. Only then are they ready for your own crafting experience.

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